Our passion

We love what we do. But, we can also help you decide if what we do is right for you. 

If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Meeting people who guide their careers that way is important – especially when you are hiring a staff or an agency. 

Licensing agency work involves high level strategy and new category prioritization, alongside the most granular of tasks in product development, contract management, packaging and product approvals, guiding client partners, or presenting a new program to various retail buyers. When representing clients, these are the areas at which we excel. As Maya Angelou said, we measure success by liking what we do and liking how we do it.

Example Of Client/Agency Work

Example Of Client/Agency Work

We’re passionate about licensing done right and helping clients grow profitably, while making the best decisions for their businesses. 

Sounds pretty simple, right?

We wish it were. The fact remains that strategic licensing and hiring an agency is not for all brands. We ask prospective clients to ask three questions in sequence –

  1.  How do we decide if strategic licensing makes sense for us?
  2.  If we believe strategic licensing is in our future, do we hire an agency?
  3.  If we believe an agency is our best route to market, which team do we hire?

Our passion for strategic licensing carries over to helping potential clients decide if the function, agency retention and our team, is right for them. We can help you determine if you’re ready to embark on a strategic licensing path.