Our practice

Our practice is never limited to the traditional path to market.
Because that traditional path no longer exists.

We like to call Brand Squared Licensing the most vertically integrated service offering in our trade. This approach to our clients was a response to, and in anticipation of, continued disruption in how licensing programs are developed.

During the industry’s nascent years, the value chain from intellectual property ownership to product on shelf was predictable and traditional. The world changed, and the marketplace we now (all) operate in looks something like this:


The marketplace is more complicated than ever. 

One dynamic has not changed: retail buyers seek innovative answers to unmet consumer needs and product concepts that generate higher sales per square foot. 

Licensed merchandise sales are growing every year. But, the work required by licensing agencies to secure growth for their clients has become anything but traditional.

When representing brand clients, the traditional rapport between agencies and licensed manufacturers is no longer sufficient. The success of a brand licensing program depends on so many additional stakeholders – the manufacturer, their brokers, their buyers, and their consumers. The agency is required to distill consumer insight while creating rapport with every entity mentioned.

This Is Where Brand Squared Licensing Flourishes

We uncover need gaps for brands in new categories, and determine the path allowing that brand to enter. That may involve a direct to retail program. Or early retail commitment so licensees have a destination. We have championed our brand clients with brokers first, who can effectively mediate between manufacturers and buyers on a new brand’s presence at shelf. We have also set up distribution channels for co-packers, and at client behest, created a direct to consumer e-commerce option.