“We are using resources faster than Mother Nature can replenish them. But, so many organizations with whom I work give me such hope. I hear about and advocate the small, ethical choices we can make every day – in what we buy, what we eat, and what we wear. I watch products, companies, agencies, and our own Roots & Shoots teams advocate these sustainable choices. All together those choices, and those organizations, will drive great change.  And I am proud to take a role in their efforts.”

Dr. Jane Goodall
Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute, U.N. Messenger of Peace



Example of client/agency work.

Example of client/agency work.

“Brand Squared Licensing combines true strategy with tireless pursuit of the right partnerships.  They took the emotional positioning of our brand far beyond the -40° frozen beads that defines our core product – and brought the excitement, fun and cross-generational loyalty of our brand - to apparel, confection, and an exciting cereal launch through General Mills.   The work has been smart and tenacious.”

Michael Barrette
Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Dippin’ Dots and Doc Popcorn



Example of client/agency work.

Example of client/agency work.

 “We had a cupcake specialty retail brand with complex recipes and shipping complexity.  We wanted to expand through wholesale channels but simply could not find the right partnership equations to profitably succeed.  We had our cupcakes made by hand and could not find a partner who could produce on mass scale.  The Brand Squared Licensing model uncovered manufacturers that had the very operation and distribution capabilities we lacked.  They matched our brand profiles such that we could not tell the difference between licensed cupcakes at wholesale clubs, and our own. The accomplishment was truly impressive.”

Scott Fischer
President/CEO, Crumbs Bake Shop



Example of client/agency work.

Example of client/agency work.

“We have a SKU intensive business model alongside a long list of licensed brands.  Brand Squared Licensing invested the time to show us how new trademarks could be presented as multi-product assortments, leveraging taste profiles and targeting distribution points that would drive incremental growth to our company.  They helped create a growth strategy for new brands we licensed through their client base that has us now in retail locations, with new beloved brands, reaching consumers, using flavors that were previously underdeveloped.  Their efforts really helped us grow our business.”

Dave Demsky and Alex Pava,
VP, Marketing and VP, Sales, McSteven’s



Example of client/agency work.

Example of client/agency work.

“Our fast-growing commercial bakery requires all internal resources to focus on product development, manufacturing, and retail sales.  We knew that licensed brands would help elevate our position with buyers and consumers, but to stretch our resources and learn a new skill internally would have led to mistakes.  Brand Squared Licensing gave us a roadmap, opportunities and negotiation experience that allows us to now have a blue chip brand portfolio for 2019.  The fast-paced development of these partnerships – negotiated so deftly - surpassed our expectations.”

Paul Bruno and Jerry Bruno,
Palermo Bakery




“Our company has a beautiful product with a distribution channel so unique – and we needed an experienced resource to help brands understand our intrinsic value.  Brand Squared Licensing packaged our story and elevated it to the top brands with expediency, finesse and clarity such that trademark owners were pursuing us instead of the other way around. Now we have licenses (such as Kathy Ireland Worldwide) that both inspire category innovation, and put our company on a new trajectory.”

Scott Nicholson,
President, Gander Group


Example of client/agency work.

Example of client/agency work.


“When we hired Brand Squared Licensing, we knew our competitors in social expression and personalized stationery had robust licensing programs. But we didn’t have a sound internal understanding of the industry. The agency spent time at our offices not only to immerse themselves in our business, but to educate the wider team on how licensed properties can inspire our creative team and drive customer loyalty. It guided us toward the right brands for the organization to leverage. Our Laura Ashley program has been in place for over five years as a result.”

Dave Grocer,
President Emeritus and Board of Advisors, PaperStyle.com