We fuel brand growth through licensing

From spark to finish


what we do

Creative licensing.
Brand centric.
Full service. 

Brand Squared Licensing is a specialized team that guides diverse brands as they strategically extend into new product and business categories. Our licensed executions frequently stretch the imaginations of brand owners while remaining faithful to the brand and its consumer. With our help, our clients enjoy the full benefits of strategic licensing, so their brand equities strengthen, consumers are brought back to the core product, and a new revenue driver is created.  Find out more. 

Brand Squared Licensing combines true strategy with tireless pursuit of the right partnerships. They took the emotional positioning of our brand far beyond the -40° frozen beads that defines our core product – and brought the excitement, fun and cross-generational loyalty of our brand - to apparel, confection, and an exciting cereal launch through General Mills. The work has been smart and tenacious.

Michael Barrette
Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Dippin’ Dots and Doc Popcorn


How We Execute

Detail driven.  
The output sharpens every time we enter
a race.

Our agency leads and manages every aspect of a licensing program – from brand extension strategy, to licensing media kits and partner vetting, to terms structure and negotiation, to product development/approval and retail distribution. It is this comprehensive approach (and more) that helps our clients achieve their business objectives. Frequently we create programs from scratch. Clients also approach us to help licensing programs already in place. We start where our client directs us. Regardless, it is always a marathon and never a sprint. Find out more. 

We are using resources faster than Mother Nature can replenish them. But, so many organizations with whom I work give me such hope. I hear about and advocate the small, ethical choices we can make every day – in what we buy, what we eat, and what we wear. I watch products, companies, agencies, and our own Roots & Shoots teams advocate these sustainable choices. All together those choices, and those organizations, will drive great change. And I am proud to take a role in their efforts.

Dr. Jane Goodall
Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute, U.N. Messenger of Peace


why we are unique

We view the 4 P’s through a different lens.


We follow a multi-phase, 360° process starting with Strategic Planning, moving on through Licensee Prospecting and Setting Expectations/Terms Negotiation, then to Product/Retail Development, and finally to Infrastructure and Process Development.
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Our experienced staff has worked with and at brand owner companies, larger licensing agencies, and licensed manufacturers across trademark, entertainment and fashion. This well-rounded perspective allows our clients to see every situation through different sets of eyes.
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Our practice is never limited to the traditional path to market.
Because that traditional path no longer exists.
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We can help you decide if strategic licensing is right for your organization.  We’re passionate about licensing done right, and equally passionate about helping clients make the right decisions.
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