Dippin’ Dots is a $300 million global ice cream brand that is beloved among a fan base of millions of children (and their parents who sideline all semblance of price sensitivity when purchasing the frozen dessert for themselves and their families).  Dippin’ Dots can only be stored and merchandised in freezers that operate at -40° Fahrenheit, and challenged Brand Squared Licensing to create new brand experiences that its fanbase can enjoy, even when they are not close to the brand’s custom freezers. 

During the month after Dippin’ Dots cereal was launched in Walmarts across the U.S., the brand enjoyed 85 million consumer impressions featuring the news - including the TODAY Show, where Dippin’ Dots cereal was served to hosts Hoda Kotb and Jason Kennedy for breakfast.  Watch here:


Brand Squared Licensing has extended the Dippin’ Dots experience into cookies, cupcakes, layer cakes, whoopee pies and brownies that are merchandised in everyday grocery store aisles, thus broadening the brand’s distribution profile.  Brand Squared Licensing also took the brand into novelty personal care products for the young Dippin’ Dots fan.


Through the work of Brand Squared Licensing, Dippin Dots has also entered the apparel category with products arriving at department stores and specialty chains early next year: